Friends Of Wind Cave NP

Projects and Dreams

PROJECTS & DREAMS Friends of Wind Cave National Park will apply incoming revenues, unless specifically designated for other projects, to the improvement and preservation of the recently acquired  Sanson Ranch addition and for the upgrading of exhibits at the park visitor center. FOWC will promote participation in “citizen science” opportunities, such as assisting in park […]

Sanson Ranch Introduced to the Public

Friends of Wind Cave National Park hosted the Sanson Ranch Celebration on July 7, 2012.  The event provided participants the chance to  experience the newest addition to Wind Cave National Park, the 5556 acre acquisiton of the Sanson Ranch. Park personnel were on hand at the homestead era ranch to share various alternatives (still under […]

Leigh Welling, Superintendent of Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave Superintendent Leigh Welling Selected as Superintendent of Wind Cave National Park Omaha, Neb. – National Park Service (NPS) Regional Director Herbert C. Frost announced the selection of Leigh Welling as the new superintendent of Wind Cave National Park located in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Welling will began serving in the position November 8, 2020. “I am pleased […]

Most photographed cave in the country?

The Most-Photographed Cave In The Country Is Right Here In South Dakota By Annie|Published February 16, 2021 If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting South Dakota’s Wind Cave, you know that it is a must-see with its many intricate boxworks, passages, and rooms, making it a favorite for professional and novice photographers alike. Can […]