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Road Work and Dedication Ceremony



Although we don't have a firm date yet, we are planning a dedication ceremony to thank the partners and Friends who have worked and donated to the road project.  

Units of the National Guard worked on a mile section of the Sanson Ranch Road (266 Street) to improve it from a two-track into a road meeting Custer County and DENR specifications.  Members of the 220th Engineer Company out of Festus, Missouri spent six days installing culverts, improving drainage along the ditches, and raising the height of the roadbed in several locations. The Friends of Wind Cave National Park played a critical role by providing the materials (gravel, riprap, and culverts) that the Guard used to improve the road. Work on the road continued through the rest of the summer by the 842nd Engineering Company out of Sturgis.  There was still some erosion control and culvert work required to completely finish this road, and this has been completed by the Friends group and volunteers. 
   The WCNP is planning to build the remainder of the road, a parking lot, and bathrooms in coming projects.  We have this dedication ceremony at the Sanson Ranch, which now is accessible via the road that the Friends of Wind Cave paid for  through donations.  The road couldn't have been competed without the generous help we received.  Thank you all again for your support, and additional information will be coming with the final date and details of the celebration.  




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